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One-On-One Coaching Now Available!

We are now offering one-on-one cookie design sessons tailored just to your specific needs.

All private sessions are available locally or online via Skype.


Tier 1 session: Tier 1 has 2 different sessions to choose from. You can choose either Baking Basics or Icing Basics. The baking session will be a complete walk through of methods Katrina uses when baking the perfect cookie from prep to perfectly baked. The icing session will be the basics of applying icing, like outlining and flooding icing onto a cookie. A hands on walk through of icing consistencies will also be included in the basic icing session. The cost of each tier 1 session is $70 and will be an hour in length.

Tier 2 session: This session will focus on the intermediate skills of cookie decorating. Some examples would be wet-on-wet icing technique and brush embroidery with icing. Flower making with icing is also an example of a technique that is offered in this tier. The cost for the tier 2 intermediate session is $85 and will be an hour in length.

*Tier 3 session: The session in the tier 3 category will be more master level techniques, like using the airbrush, along with stencils and using a projector to create intricate and advanced designs. Design conception basics will also be included. The cost of the tier 3 session is $100 and will be an hour in length.

 *If you are participating in the tier 3 sessions online, you will need to provide your own airbrush machine, stencils and/or projector. If you are local and attending a tier 3 session, the tools will be available to use.

Please fill out our One-On-One Coaching Form for more information, or to start your registration process. 

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